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“I have a lot more peace and freedom in my everyday life. I always look at why what I’m doing matters to me and what’s most important. I do not rely on my MIND to remembers things.”


“WorkWise did a great job in helping me sleep. As a solo entrepreneur, the mind races to keep all items on track and Workwise gave me the tools to thrive.”


“WorkWise woke me up to the realization that I actually had control over the use of my time & gave me the tools I needed.”


“The #1 benefit I’ve gotten from WorkWise is peace of mind. I get to know that everything will be handled in its time, and that nothing has to fall through the cracks.”


“The best thing about WorkWise for me is that I have peace of mind while being highly efficient and effective.”


“The 2 biggest things I got from WorkWise are: That I will never get it all done and the power of declaring what I’m not doing today.”


“In my personal life, it allowed me to focus on what was really important at the correct times and has made a big difference in my quality of life over the years. So I am definitely a satisfied customer.”


“I can see that WorkWise allowed me to simplify my life, not taking on so much that I felt under pressure to “do” more. I am so much more at peace about what I decide is important to me, not what the world is screaming at me. I design my life from MY concerns, I live from MY word, period! Thank you so much for giving me a calendar-centric perspective, it has made a difference in my life as well as many of the people I come in contact with.”


“I am so thankful I did the WorkWise program as it has given me a certain peace of mind despite the overload of tasks which never ends in my professional life.”


“WorkWise is one of the best courses I’ve ever completed. It relieved me from the weight of all the things there are to do. My productivity has increased, and I also enjoy peace of mind.”


“I feel that it’s facilitated having a full, rich life. It’s still a big challenge for me to empty my capture tool every day, but the emails that you have been sending recently have been good reminders. And my never doing now/someday list is a bit like a refrigerator that needs a good cleaning. Hard to keep the system going in a very fast paced, never stop environment.”


“When something is bugging me and I’m with my fiancée, I can just notice it and capture it now and be done with it, so we can be together and enjoy this precious time we have, rather than being worried, and her trying to assuage a fear or doubt or worry I have about something I didn’t do or am worried about forgetting…it’s huge honestly. Thank you.”


“WorkWise has had a lasting effect on how I react to all there is to do and get done. I have the skillset now to use when I do get overwhelmed with life and all there is to do – to make my list, prioritize and schedule. In my business, I train my staff in the tools too and it is amazing how useful and straight-forward things get when we’re all following the same system.”


“The biggest benefit I got was more “peace of mind” The never doing now list and the idea that I will NEVER get everything done & that’s okay has been a life saver over the years. Not to say that I’m great at scheduling or that I don’t get overwhelmed (because I’m not and I do!) but I can use some of the tools and just the mindset from time to time and it brings freedom almost immediately.”


Here is a lesson that will help with minimizing stress.

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